About Acrojoy

Who is Acrojoy? 

Acrojoy offers home entertainment electronics combined with modern and minimalist design style. We aim to integrate humanities spirit into entertainment technology. Every piece of our machine is born with steady comfort and temperature life attitude. We're always trying new ways to add comfort and warmth to our homes, and sheltering people from storms.


What is Acrojoy's brand vision and brand mission?

Brand vision: We see life is good.
Brand mission: We are not just a projector brand, we carry the richness and depth of life through our brand, and the spirit our brand precipitates is pure love and passion for life. We are a carrier of emotional relaxation, a companion you can live together, and a happy producer you can seek. We use the power of entertainment technology to warm people's hearts.


How did we get started?

Young people of this generation live in a diverse and mobile world than ever, which also face more culture conflicts and pressures. Acrojoy was born in such a diverse and stressful era to help people find life is good. We strengthen the user experience design for portability, sound effect, and large screen eye protection. We design our brand to meet the individual needs for different scenarios: living room, bedroom, travel, personal, or family. Build an immersive cinema experience anywhere, anytime.

What makes our companies unique?

The birth of acrojoy is based on the team’s full knowledge and experience of the Home Entertainment technology market. Acrojoy contributes more about the needs of subdivision scenarios of home entertainment to offer enhanced immersive cinema visual and audio experience. Combining portability and aesthetic design style with high performance,Acrojoy is competitive and confident to win users' love on the market.